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Here's a description for this service. Yeah, there's a lot of other words I could be using, but these words are uniqely mine. What does that mean for you?


It means this: YOU are going places.


You know what, lemme just give you some reasons why you're going places:


  1. You're taking time to read this post (attention to detail AF)
  2. You'll probably have to go to the bathroom at somepoint.
  3. You're seeking to learn more and make an impact in life. You fucking ROCK.


I'm going to give you some more bullet points (because I love you so much), so here are some with dots:


  • Wow, look at those dots.
  • Mmm, MMM.
  • Damn girl.
  • El-el-el-el-el **tep-tep-tep-tep-tep**
  • Mmmmm yeahhhhh
  • These dots have a perty mouth.


Ight that's it.


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Price: $50.00

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