Rich: A Post on Creating a Rich Life

I wanted to write this since , well, earlier today.

And since I found out how to add linebreaks to my content on this Django website I built from scratch, & I don't have any other baseline typing mockups, I'm going to use the fuck out of them.

I'm working on adding richness to my life.

Today I was watching some of Ezra Firestone's content and noticed he had a Ukulele in the background. Previously today after some AMAZING morning sex (that I haven't had in a while, just recently as me and my woman got our sleeping schedules on point), and it being my first day off in a while, I was really thinking about some of the things I enjoy doing.

I have kind of a list, here it is:<ol>

  1.   I'm really good at creating music. REALLY good.

  2.   I'm also really good at videogames and am a fast learner in this area (The Elder Scrolls: Legends and Borderlands are some of my favorite games ever).

  3.   I'm a developer, and I love Parkour

  4.   This is actually number one, the others are just extra hobbies, but my relationship is one of the most inspiring and amazing things in my life. I love my woman (currently fianc&eacute;) with all of my mind, body, heart, soul. The sex, the teamwork, the synergy, the growth I gain from it. It's absolutely one of the most amazing parts of life as I type this.

  5.   I'm a Developer now, I have skills to program automations to take over processes, and now I have the skills to share those tools with the world one websites (& make them attractive).

  6.   I'm also an Entrepreneur, which is the main reason I'm wanting to be a programmer in the first place.

Really though (to point number 6), no matter how many times I try to be "free" and experience "freedom", money is something that comes back to bite me in the ass. Especially the lack there of.

Anyways, a conversation on stupid beliefs and sayings that got stuck in my subconscious about money is for another post.

At this point in my life I'm only starting my success. I made my first $1k in business in less than 3 months of only just beginning being in business. I'm either quickly approaching or have already made my second $k in business. (I just googled why we call a thousand dollars $1k. Interesting read.)

This whole week, and a few weeks before, my brain has been on fire. Thoughts of fears, feelings of being numb, also accomplishment, anxiety, etc. were filling my brain. I'm quite sure my body and brain were inflamed from the amount of movement I haven't been doing since I decided to build my website.

I've been doing nothing but working on my website & working with my first sustainable client this month.

Life has always been something that has been kind of trippy for me, so when I'm doing the same things everyday and still not feeling great, working towards a result (especially in coding), life kind of flys by in this time. The same with playing video games. Same with music.

Living in the now is something that's easier said than done, and also easy to be forgotten.

There are periods when I really want my brain to just shut the fuck up and let me live, breathe, be in the moment and just enjoy what I have right in front of me.

My mind and attention were somewhat shattered. Since my last shroom trip about 4 months, sometimes life is trippy. It's been trippy even before that, but just cynical or not useful thoughts before that were populating and spinning their wheels on things that were only causing me internal suffering.

Yeah, this blog is getting deep. Even for me, so now, let's lighten it up a bit.

My intention in creating this post is to comment on creating a rich life.

All of this stuff that I feel has been happening to me is only doing so because I choose to allow it.

How am I going to change it? Easy... ish. Choice.

I choose to create a life that is rich and meaningful and allows me to do things that I enjoy and make the biggest impact possible.

Yes, right now I'm in a bit of a grind mode. But because it's Sunday, my self-appointed day off and reflection/strategy day, I'm developing to put more time for myself and my health into my calendar.

I made it a point not to touch videogames until the end of the year, nor eat bread or added sugar, as well as some other habits that weren't helping me.

Right now, with the building of my website, I'm building a platform to market everything that I'm doing off of, and for me it's FULLY customizable because it's all custom code!

Now, isn't this too much?

Aren't you only supposed to pick one profession, one skill in life and stick with that?

FUCK NO. You only have one life, and life is huge! Sure, there are some things that are probably smarter to invest in at first before you don the other things, but find what is meaningful and useful to you and in your life and do that!

For me, that includes:<ol>

  1.   Spending time with my loved ones and building my relationships, as well as growing in amazing friends and network.

  2.   Taking care of my health and consuming healthy foods

  3.   Playing the best videogames (mostly RPGs and CCGs for me), but doing it in a way that can also make you money by streaming, which requires a laptop that can handle it, which requires money, unless you can twitch stream from your phone... hmm.

  4.   Travelling and moving from Airbnb to Airbnb, or investing in real estate and interior designing to your tastes, your architectural style, etc.

  5.   Learn how to start a business (like a Freelancing Business for example, just to start), and learn things like how to lead & manage a team, delegate tasks, earn clients, and make money with a team that you brought together and love.

  6.   Create music, and as you build your automation skills with programming, you can do things like automatically publish it on soundcloud, host it on your website (which I do plan on doing), etc. And play literally ANY instrument by using a cool tool like the ROLI Seaboard/other boards they have (they're not a sponsor, just go and check them out. I really wish they were a sponsor though, so if you can help me out with that that'd be great).

  7.   Start gardening and build a healthy garden, or whatever kind of garden your interested that is also useful and meaningful to you.

  8.   Make an amazing family with the most beautiful and connected partner you've ever met in your life (for me, that's my perfect woman Olga).

  9.   Learn Herbalism more like you did when you were younger (ok, that was just my experience and I still love the idea of being a real life Witch Doctor).



The point is, there are so many options out there.

I know what it's like to be in a shitty spot, and yes, money is a huge part of it.

But living a rich life is about doing things that you enjoy and that interest you, even if that means putting all of your time into one thing!

I'm good at a lot of shit, but not because I isolate on certain skills all the time, because I choose to think about life in a way that brings everything, and the right things, the things that are most important to me, together!

Also, my mentor Ryan Donaldson taught me something called Criteria for Success in life.

I'll make another post on that most likely, but I'm going to list mine for later reference:<ol>

  1.   Improved Health

  2.   Increased Freedom

  3.   Relationship Fulfillment

  4.   Massive Positive World Impact

  5.   Increased Creation Capacity

  6.   Increased Feelings of Joy

As long as the actions I'm doing are moving me forward in each of these areas, that's my definition of a rich & meaningful life.

Another way of putting it is this: Dive into areas that interest you and move closer to something I'm proud to be able to quite Rick Sanchez on:

"Ability to do anything, but only whenever I want... Yeah that sounds like the job for me."

Keep living your life to the fullest, whatever that looks like for you.

And since your here, what are some things that you haven't been doing that you'd like to add back into your life to make it more rich? I'd love to read this. Let me know in the comments below.

I love you guys. Thank you for reading.