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Zack Plauché
Freelancer, CEO of ZackHub

Work Your Business Smarter.

Scaling a business or a brand is a process that's been done over and over. Building an online platform, effectively marketing your services, and scaling your infrastructure at the right time is something that's easier said than done.

I help people & companies interested in scaling to gracefully succeed at doing so.

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Shopify Ecommerce Store Build

Ready to gracefully get your company online?

Shopify is the best platform for online ecommerce PERIOD.

More than ever, people are shopping onine and companies are making BANK from ecommerce sales.

With Shopify's HUGE arsenal of apps and themes to help optimize for sales, you get the highest chance of success without spending 10s of thousands of dollars on an ecommerce website.

Don't get left behind.

Let me build you a sexy functional ecom store and start the scaling process today!

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Custom Web App Build

Need a solution that requires something a little more flexible than the big platforms?

Sometimes new, revolutionary ideas, or ideas that need to happen FAST and CHEAP only have ONE REAL OPTION:

Being built from scratch.

Using the power of Django and the web stack (html, css, and javascript), you can have your own lightweight but POWERFUL web apps that can bring your ideas to life.

Hire me (and my team) to build you a website TAILORED to your specific needs, goal, and brand today.

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Code Mentoring

For those of you interested in coding!

Want to learn how to build awesome valuable websites, web apps, and automations directly from me?

Want to make money from it?

I've done both of these in less than a year since I started coding, and if I would've known what I knew now, I could've done it in a 3rd of the time.

You can now hire me to mentor you directly teach you how to code and building a profitable freelancing career.

Be sure to take notes, and start today!

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Facebook Ads Consulting

"I hate Facebook Ads." ~ Many people.

Facebook Ads are an effective marketing method that gives you loads of insights and can bring AMAZING purchase traffic to your website or cause, bringing you people eager to sign up for your services, newsletters, etc. and buy your products.

However, the landscape is ALWAYS changing, the algorithm breaks things, and people get hurt.

A lot.

I do offer help help in this area.

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