Facebook Ads Consulting

"I hate Facebook Ads." ~ Many people.


Facebook Ads are an effective marketing method that gives you loads of insights and can bring AMAZING purchase traffic to your website or cause, bringing you people eager to sign up for your services, newsletters, etc. and buy your products.


However, the landscape is ALWAYS changing, the algorithm breaks things, and people get hurt. 


A lot. 


If you're reading this, I'd assume at least one of the following happened:

  1. Your ad got rejected and you don't know why
  2. Your Facebook Pixel isn't working correctly.
  3. Facebook is giving you an unclear reason as to why something isn't working
  4. You checked out a lot of Facebook's content, and you still don't feel like you understand the bigger picture.
  5. Facebook's offical "Facebook Reps" couldn't help you, likely because they have no actual clue what they're talking about. Really, it's a problem.


I personally don't enjoy Facebook Ads AT ALL. I just happen to have a lot experience with them.


My prices for this service are high. This is a deterrant 🙂.


You see, while I don't enjoy Facebook Ads, I do also recognize that Facebook Ads are useful when used and built effectively, and for some people they're quite valuable.


The alternative for me would be to NOT offer my expertise and keep it dormant to not help anyone.


But, I realized I can use the money earned from these services to invest in myself, my family, my network, my companies, charities, and other channels that can help me make a massive positive impact on the lives of others :)


So at a higher rate, this does become worth it to me 🙂. 


I actually don't recommend you hire me for this because I'd rather do almost any other part of marketing and I'm severely burnt out of Facebook Ads.


But if you do hire me for my consulting services, I'll do everything I can to make it worth while, as you paying me the rate I've set does make it worth while for me 😊.


PS: For this service, I do not and will not offer a discounted rate. In fact, if you try to negotiate, the price will only go up. This is also a deterrent 😁.


Price: $500.00 /hr

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